About us

FriderikKagerExperience, tradition and family business

The family firm KAGER has followed the values they believe in – quality, completeness and individuality since 1989. KAGER is a Slovene brand, which associate building engineers, architects, numerous tradesmen and plenty of satisfied customers. The unique, tailormade houses come to existence under the carpenters and joiners' vigilant eyes. Friderik KAGER, founder and CEO, on the photo.


kociper-13Live differently!

Let the sun shines on you every day, from all directions, and love for nature dictate every corner of your home. You wake up and lay down at night boundlessly. An imagination is free all the time and breathes like being on the top of the world. It is a living that deserves a life. Light, flowing, synergetic. A tradition is taken into an account and is put into a contemporary context.


Welcome, trust us!

There live more than 1000 families in Kager houses in Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. Their experiences and stories should be an inspiration for you to create your house in cooperation with us and our architects. Every single house is a story on its own, there simply are not two identical houses.



Houses made ​​of wood and glass

VITA NOVA means a symbiosis between the indoor and outdoor. Its pure love of wood and glass combines the living spaces and surroundings of the house. It is the symbiosis that takes the breath of. An exceptional feeling of openness, freedom and endlessness give your home a total new meaning. A hand wood treatment and completed details give it the elegance, worth showing on the red carpet. It is sensual and stresses our sensuality. VITA NOVA desires to see, taste, hear and smell. 

kociper-7Feel on top of the world!

VITA NOVA is a house, which is based on bright spaces, well conceived building details and mingles with the surroundings to become an invisible part of it. The light and openness, that follow you in your home, are a living privilege beyond compare. You live in the nature and the nature and the nature lives in your home. Vita Nova originates from the innovative constructive plan that gives the feeling of boundlessness to it. That is why it can be totally adapted to your lifestyle and natural characteristics of your building plot. Exclusive representative KAGER in Republic of Moldova is NOVISTAR-M S.R.L.