About houses



Excellent mixture of wood and glass

Especially for you we have developed excellent mixture of wood and glass, which gives a feeling of oneness with nature through a special construction with panoramic walls. And such details of the house as special flat tiles, concealed water drainage system, balcony railing made of glass and aluminum, large sliding doors to the terrace and the climate control system make the house truly exclusive.

Complete freedom of customer in creating his own house

Vita Nova system is like a number of toy blocks, from which any child can combine his unique toy. And that is the flavour of Vita Nova. The rules are simple: anyone can put on their own cubes and actively participate in building their own house. Thus, the system gives complete freedom and satisfy customer needs in a creative creation of house, because they themselves are actively involved in the design of the final look of the house.

Simple, flexible and innovative plans for the organization of space with free space location

Half-timbering technology allows the buyer to create a simple, flexible and innovative plan with free space location of premises. The system provides the opportunity to build a house that embodies your desires and is your reflection. Together with you we create a house where there is a piece of your soul.

Solar architecture of the KAGER house

The principle of each KAGER house is maximum energy efficiency and environmentally friendly use of energy sources, including passive solar energy. Therefore, large translucent wood and glass structures are located towards the south and west to better capture solar energy. Conversely, on the northern side structures are smaller in size. Thanks to this technology your house, "captures the warmth," loses a minimum of warmth and thus reduces the heating costs.