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ECO system

In ECO system insulation materials are made of wooden wool, and cellulose - organic natural materials, that minimize the use of energy. Materials for our houses are chosen so as to ensure the diffusion flux of moisture from the house and provide better thermal insulation qualities.

Timber-frame structure

The base of the KAGER house is carrying frame made of laminated wooden structures, ensuring the safety, durability, value and optimum thermal insulation.

Panoramic glass walls

Panoramic glass walls are made of special glazing 44.1-14-6-16-ESG6, filled with insulating gas - argon with thermal conductivity coefficient U = 0,5 W/m2K.

Walls, ceiling, roofs, balconies

The basis of external walls, internal walls, ceiling between floors, balconies, roof and terraces is made of laminated wood. The thickness of the external wall is 310 mm, the thermal conductivity coefficient is U = 0,146 W/m2K. Thermal insulation and sound insulation of building is provided through the use of wood-fiber boards, cellulose and mineral insulation.


The roof is covered with a special flat cement-sand tiles Bramac Tegalit, which is delivered from Slovenia together with the house. Special feature of the KAGER house is a hidden system of rain run-offs which is present in the design of the roof.

Windows, doors, sliding systems

Windows, sliding panoramic walls, and doors are made of laminated wood (spruce). They are glazed with insulating glass 4:/14Ar/4/14Ar/:4 and filled with argon, the thermal conductivity coefficient is Uv = 0,5 W/m2K. 
Sills: internal - wooden, external - aluminum.
Special large roof windows are made of energy saving glass 6: -16-:6ET ESG-16-:44.2 VSGlowE (argon filled), U=0,6 W/m2K. Automatic shutter for large roof windows with rain, wind and light sensors.
External aluminium Venetian blinds KRPAN.2 Z-70 with electric drive, for panoramic wall are mounted in the construction of house, in the hall - with remote control, in other areas – with button control.


The balconies are made of laminated wood, all external wooden elements are covered with aluminum upper house tides. Balcony railing is made of glass and aluminum.

More options

Additionally, you can order a protective (unbreakable) glass, armor and tinted windows.

Net height of the floor

A series of houses Vita Nova Edition - 2,65 m A series of houses Vita Nova - 2,70 m

We give you the guarantee of the manufacturing plant to the construction of the house for 30 years!