About houses

Thanks to the factory producing of the house, installation of it takes only 3 days!

Half-timbering structures of the building are made exceptionally of laminated wood so that the house is extremely durable, reliable, and can withstand earthquakes up to magnitude 7 on the Richter scale.

Our homes are manufactured in the factory of Slovenia in accordance with German quality standard DIN 1052 and Austrian RAL, which guarantees the excellent design, environmental safety, energy efficiency, fire and seismic safety.

Our technology allows you to implement both standard designs as well as individual. We can provide construction for finishing or "turnkey" construction, taking into account customer's wishes.

Usually the house is fully prepared to live through 6 months after the agreement with the customer of layouts, sections, front of the building and signing the contract.

We give you the guarantee of the manufacturing plant to the construction of the house for 30 years!

Our technology allows us to build all the year-round!