About houses


Diffusion-open house, the optimal thermal insulation, low energy house

First-class materials guarantee KAGER houses the best thermal insulation. Qualities of materials for all exterior design elements allow the house to pass the diffusion flux of moisture from the rooms through the structural elements. This not only contributes to the evaporation of moisture, but also optimally retain heat in the low-energy KAGER houses.

ECO system - we use only materials of wooden fibers

In system design, we use only ECO innovative materials from wooden fibers and cellulose insulation. Significantly greater proportion of insulating materials with excellent thermal insulation qualities greatly increases the thermal stability of the building. Using the raw material of natural origin, which requires the processing of a minimum amount of energy , we care about our environment.

The most advanced climate control system

Fresh air intake and outflow of used air channels provide heat recovery in combination with innovative heating systems that use the earth energy (heat pumps) and solar energy (solar collectors).This means a multilateral reduction in energy use and emissions.

The average energy consumption for heating the house is only 25 KAGER kWt/sq.m/year!

In other words - the cost of operation of KAGER house is only 1 Euro per day!